The 4th of July is just a week away! I hope you have some fun plans. I know with the warm weather there are lots of barbecues that go on during the fourth! Almost every year I know we have one. This year we thought we would show you some fun ideas for your fourth of July BBQ!

On our back patio I have a large patio table that I decided to set nicely, first, with some red gingham fabric. 

For the centerpiece I placed this “America” sign down the middle of the table. It is a sign that is supposed to be hung on the wall but I thought it would be cute to act like a runner down the table. 

For the place settings I went with a rough white placemat, pewter dish, white and red napkin, and my blue beehive plates. For the cups we decided to use

touches to the table are these fun antique red lanterns. I filled them with flowers from our yard. I have one on each side of the American sign. 

for an extra touch of the fourth. This of course is for more of a formal BBQ but you could easily turn this into more of a casual BBQ. Instead of the place settings you could easily set out red white and blue paper plates, cups, and

fireworks are done it could be time for a good fire and s’mores. I created these individual s’more springs for people to grab and use. I had these springs from an old mattress. I rolled up a patriotic napkin and taped it into a cone. I then filled it with one chocolate bar. A few graham crackers, and marshmallows

Along the fire pit we added another banner that we also found at Target. We also had popcorn out and ready for people to snack on.

We tossed some blankets and patriotic pillows out on some of the patio furniture as well. The blanket you could say is vintage since I have had it since we were first married haha.Here is a view of most of our back patio. We hung some flags in-between all of our hanging lights. You can see we also have our TV out there for some good old Baseball or to watch the Firework shows on TV.

In the corner of the patio we have a little seating area. Again we added pillows and blankets to make it patriotic.

You may have already seen our last blog post with the play house here but we thought we would share it here as well. The playhouse is placed right behind the patio sofa. in fact you might be able to see May swinging in the background of the sofa picture. For your BBQ we thought it would be fun to have a little candy, watermelon, and lemonade sale. Little kids love selling and buying little treats so it would add some fun and yummy treats. 

Maylee of course loved the selling candy idea Thanks for stopping by and checking out some ideas for a Fourth of July BBQ. We hope you found some ideas and inspiration for your own! Let us know if you use any of the ideas and how it went.